July 24, 2024

Can the Land Casino Security be Trusted?

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Justice is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together” (Webster).
Casino security is linked with the activities and measures made by casino authorities with the aim to prevent the violation, fraud and trickery within all range of existing gambling games – blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, baccarat and especially slot machines.
Earlier the gambling business suffered a range of attacks organized by groups of raiders and single fraudsters who tried to use various devices with the aim to rob the betting house. Some of those attempts were crowned with success, others went down to drain. But eventually cheaters were grabbed by police and were punished for what they have wrought. People who are suspected in planning harm to a casino are banned from it and those who tried to embody their evil plans into reality were penalized and carried sentence.

Warning: You are Being Observed!

Nowadays “brick and mortar” casinos do their best in equipping the rooms with various brand new devices and plenty of security tools that trace every single gesture of a gambler. Therefore you’d better leave all malicious intentions outside the casino entrance and play with clear and spotless thoughts.
Let’s have a look at the most prevalent instrument that is used by a range of casinos – video viewing. Cameras that are installed in every trustworthy betting establishment and are the key tool of the land casino security. They were entitled as “eye in the sky” cameras. These cameras are installed all over the betting house so that casino staff could easily track people and monitor the restaurants, elevators, tables, hallways and seats very closely. The “eye in the sky” cameras work so effectively that security staff can even identify the facial expression of gamers. In the industry these kind of video viewing is named as Pan Tilt Zoom camera.
Casinos hire specialists who teach the staff how to have a keen scent for mimic and gestures of players. They can easily identify the type of the gamer’s behavior and make out any suspicious actions. So think twice before doing something that can harm the betting house.

How Does it Work?

Casinos use two types of cameras: manually controlled and automated ones. There is a special surveillance room in many betting houses where security personnel observe television sets that show various corners and rooms of the gambling establishment as well as people who claim for their casino bonus and winnings. “Eye in the sky” cameras help casino security personnel to reveal suspicious card counters by reading their emotions on the face.

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